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Over the past five years, there has been a massive step change in healthcare’s view of public cloud adoption. Many organisations are now entrenched in a hybrid cloud operating model or plans to move to this model over the next 12-24 months. Within this, many challenges are beginning to unfold.

NHS Digital has directed that all digital services should be moved to the public cloud unless there is a clear reason not to. However, many sensitive enterprise applications, such as electronic patient records, still largely remain on-premises, as it’s simply not suitable or cost-effective to move these applications to the public cloud.

The consequences of this are increasing the resource challenges on IT teams that are already overloaded. We are seeing IT managers are now supporting a range of on-premises storage, compute and data protection platforms, alongside their public cloud counterparts.

On top of this, headcount is not increasing to support digital strategies. Instead, NHS IT managers are forced to balance resources across multiple platforms and cross-train existing staff in new technologies. Yet, IT teams can lack the real-world experience to deliver the best service for your staff and patients.

By its very nature, cloud solutions are accessible from anywhere. However, this also means that any mistake or misconfiguration has the potential to expose highly confidential information. As well as managing cloud as a new platform, IT teams are equally challenged with ensuring their cloud solution is secure, and the data is protected to the same standards as your on-premises infrastructure.

To further magnify this, public cloud architects and consultants are in heavy demand across the IT industry. As a result, they often command larger salaries than budgets allow.


Proact Healthcare Service Management is one of our fastest growing services. We believe NHS IT departments should not be focused on “feeding and watering” infrastructure (including public cloud). Instead, their time should be spent on higher value activities, such supporting the applications that deliver services.

We offer our healthcare customers service management for storage, server, networks, hypervisor, backup, security, virtual machines and public cloud. You choose which aspects of your IT environment to monitor and manage and we’ll deliver the following benefits:

  • 24/7 availability for peace of mind – We offer round-the-clock monitoring, support and incident resolution, extending your in-house ability and reducing the need for expensive shift patterns.
  • Increase your resource for more innovation and better patient outcomes – We’ll take care of maintaining your infrastructure, including regularly reviewing all workloads to ensure systems have planned upgrades for hardware and software. Your team can then focus on special projects that directly impact the level of patient care.
  • Improve your department’s cost-effectiveness – You’ll gain access to broad set of skills for all the technologies through our 4-500 technical consultants across Europe. This will help you save on costs and help your department keep up with required skills change.
  • Simple and efficient support – You’ll have a dedicated service delivery manager, a named individual who remains the same throughout your contract.

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