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Clinical Workspace
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The NHS employs over one million staff with over 700,000 delivering services via clinical roles. It’s critical to provide clinicians with secure access to applications and data, so they can deliver safe and effective patient care. As Trusts and ICSs transform to more digital services, like ePMA, the reliance on digital workspace solutions will become a foundational component of service delivery.

A modern workspace technology framework needs to be aligned to the Trust’s digital strategy. It must also be built in a flexible manner to ensure critical staff can efficiently deliver the best possible care.

The challenge is, how do Trusts keep up with the needs of patient care, while delivering the organisation’s digital strategy? At the same time, how do you adopt the design principles in the What Good Looks Like (WGLL) framework, continue BAU and modernise legacy systems – all while balancing limited resources and reducing budgets?

By not addressing the core needs of the clinical workspace, organisations will struggle to unlock the time and skills buried in the existing workforce. Without increasing productivity and innovation, the NHS will struggle to achieve its long-term goals.


Proact’s Clinical Workspace is a fast, secure and available anywhere solution for staff, so they have access to the data they need to make informed decisions. Delivered as a virtual platform, either in your data centre or the Microsoft cloud, our Clinical Workspace allows persistent access to clinical systems securely from any endpoint device.

Our Clinical Workspace allows organisations to meet the multiple aspects of end-user service delivery outlined in the WGLL framework and delivers benefits, like:

  • Increase productivity – In a recent deployment into a London Trust, our solution increased patient visits by 2 per nurse per day for the community team
  • Improve standard and speed of care – Delivered through fast, effective access to patient data from the clinician’s location
  • Improve staff health and wellbeing – By opening up flexible working and anywhere access to systems and data, we can reduce excessive travelling and extra pressure on staff
  • Consistent consumer-like access to resources
  • Simple Single Sign On to all applications
  • Persistent access to spine applications
  • Session persistency to allow user roaming
  • Increased patient safety though accurate reporting
  • Tap and Go access in clinical spaces
  • Instant rollback and rapid rollout of application updates ensuring security compliance
  • Fully managed to remove burden on internal IT
  • HSCN connectivity options


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