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Linking together meaningful and accurate data is crucial for healthcare professionals to make timely, fact-based decisions. Over the past several years, this has been fast-tracked by the Covid-19 pandemic and the creation of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). As of April 2021, all parts of England are covered by one of 42 ICSs and 31 integration authorities in Scotland.

Within each ICS and integration authority, the ability to transfer information from one place to another at speed will become increasingly important over time.

To get ‘ICS integration ready’, you need to put your data and systems in a place where they can be easily connected to and consumed by everyone in the organisation

But challenges can stand in the way, making the integration across organisations complex and time consuming. Some of these challenges are:

  • Siloed data and systems
  • Heterogeneous and ageing applications
  • Delays in data accessibility
  • Increased demand on in-house IT resources

A managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution designed especially for interoperability can help you overcome these challenges — not to mention be the initial enabler facilitating digitalisation. With your PaaS provider managing the support and management overhead necessary for the platform, your team can focus on building business capability on a solid industry-leading foundation.


Proact’s Health IO managed PaaS allows you to rapidly build an internal data fabric. It also enables you to get your data and systems integration into a ready state to link into your wider ICS. Health IO is modular by design. This allows us to select the healthcare data integration engine which best fits your needs and established vendor choice.

Proact’s Health IO allows you to implement and consume a data fabric without the need to implement, manage or support the underlying component parts. Instead, you focus your efforts on what matters: implementing the business logic that will make a difference.

Your organisation simply consumes Health IO functionality, safe in the knowledge that the operation, security and support of the platform is in the hands of the experts — Proact.

  • Access the analytics capabilities required to deliver clinical and care outcomes
  • Adopt a utility consumption model that allows you to scale and change direction quickly
  • Take advantage of the integration and analytics capabilities available in the cloud
  • Focus limited internal resource on core business strengths
  • Customise a platform solution to suit your unique requirements
  • Gain near-immediate access to new technologies and innovations as they enter the market
  • Rest assured that your interoperability platform has a built-in security wrapper by default
  • Remain flexible with regard to deployment: Your platform can run in the public cloud, as a shared platform in our or your data centres, or a hybrid of these
  • Shift from CapEx to OpEx by leveraging platform consumption rather than asset ownership

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