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Your organisation’s cyber defences are only as strong as your weakest vulnerability. Cybercriminals are continuously scanning the internet looking for organisations that run software with vulnerabilities, with the aim to infiltrate their systems. Often, these campaigns target healthcare organisations.

As a core requirement in the NIS Directive’s Cyber Assessment Framework, threat intelligence provides vital context into gaps in security posture. This essential security measure highlights weaknesses in your infrastructure configuration and patching and provides direction on where to prioritise. Organisations need to understand all security risks, so they can make swift decisions on where to prioritise resource and justify any disruption.

However, applying patches and remediation is resource intensive. Healthcare organisations already face challenges in resourcing cyber security expertise. As well, managing vulnerabilities is difficult. Knowing they exist, how they affect the organisation and recognising the risk to prioritise remediation are all major challenges for IT teams. In reality, healthcare organisations are left with little time or budget to review the potential ‘back doors’ cybercriminals look for.

The longer a vulnerability is exposed, the more likely it can be used to compromise the organisation. As a result, wider cyber breaches can compromise patient data and the Trust’s ability to provide uninterrupted patient care.



Proact’s Vulnerability Intelligence Service combines industry-leading technology with the expertise of our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC). Our in-house security specialists continuously monitor your infrastructure to identify the potential ‘dark alleys’ that cybercriminals could exploit.

The way we work with your team is a partnership. Complementing your IT team, our SOC will monitor your systems, including internal and external facing services, and interpret the results of scans. Alongside this, they will keep up to date with vendor advisories and security bulletins. We’ll then highlight the weaknesses and advise you on how to fix them before they become a problem.


  • Flexible service – Our SOC will work closely with you to tailor the service to the unique needs of your IT environment, making sure the frequency and scope of vulnerability scanning suits you.
  • Enhance your security posture – Our quick detection will increase the likelihood of detecting any vulnerabilities sooner, so you can be proactive and react faster.
  • Reduce potential downtime – We’ll send you actionable intelligence with focused prioritisation, allowing you to quickly mitigate any potential weaknesses.
  • Increase your resource – Your own team will no longer be tied up reviewing and interpreting results and can focus on other valuable business projects.
  • Increase your cost-effectiveness – Save money by avoiding the operational cost of recruiting for expensive cyber specialist skills.

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