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There is a known shortage of radiologists in the NHS. While the number of required scans to be processed is increasing each year while the skilled resource required is not increasing at the same rate. It is expected the problem will worsen over the coming years.

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven the need to enable radiologists to work away from hospital sites. Traditional workstation-based solutions relied on the hospital’s fast network connections to deliver images to users in a timely manner. However, moving these users onto the end of a VPN solution (to enable remote working) breaks that fundamental connection speed, impacts productivity and highlights security concerns.

A lack of resource and slower processing times is increasing the backlog of MRI and CT scans. As a result, longer wait times for results impact the ability to provide timely health advice, risking additional loss of life and putting extra burdens on other parts of the health system.

Following the core pandemic response, many NHS employees are already at breaking point. Additional pressure and stress placed on radiologists will also take its toll, significantly increasing the risk of staff burnout and further reducing the talent pool.

By leveraging the capabilities of modern technology solutions, Trusts can increase productivity, reduce waiting times and provide a healthier working environment for staff.


Proact Healthcare Solutions offers a fully managed solution to deliver Imaging Anywhere. Our solution integrates existing IT estate into the Trust with minimal impact. It also provides a powerful, consistent and secure workstation experience from the comfort of the radiologist’s home.

  • Improve image processing times for faster results and treatment

  • Cost savings – For instance, removing the need for powerful workstations to be deployed into the end-user’s home

  • Reduce staff turnover and a better work-life balance by providing a consistent onsite-like experience for radiologists

  • Increase your access to a wider talent pool for recruitment – Enabling image processing from any location opens up the recruitment pool, as radiologists are no longer tied geographically to the employing Trust

  • Improve possibilities for cross-Trust collaboration or centralised services, unlocking resource and innovation


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