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We see more NHS Trusts considering a cloud-first strategy. However, cloud services can be complex to manage and migrate to, and costs can rapidly spiral out of control.

The NHS’ digital-first approach, based on the What Good Looks Like (WGLL) framework, highlights that all hardware, software and end-user devices are within the suggested supplier lifecycle and fully supported. It also defines that organisations establish a planned move to cloud data hosting and management.

In the traditional data centre, this would involve dedicated resources to ensure data is protected. However, in today’s hybrid cloud model data is more likely to be spread across on-premises and cloud-based solutions.

As well, the WGLL highlights the need for sustainable IT and making progress towards net zero carbon. The physical space and energy required to operate data centres increases daily. Our carbon footprint grows with every email sent, while 68% of new written data is never touched again. Maintaining infrastructure onsite is costly and exhaustive on technical resources.

Establishing a flexible platform that combines both a secure UK data centre, with public cloud connectivity and on-premises connectivity is pivotal to NHS IT success in achieving digital transformation.



Proact Hybrid Cloud (PHC) is our own secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. In essence, we provide your organisation with a virtual data centre – one that we host and manage. We provide a simplified infrastructure through a single platform, so you can manage and control multiple private and public clouds.

With PHC you will have the ability to transition workloads from ageing, unsupported hardware to a fully supported and maintained private cloud platform, with the ability to burst out into public cloud services when required.

  • Modern infrastructure – PHC’s virtualised networking enables you to access different services, whether they’re on-premises, in a private cloud, hosted in one of our data centres or in the public cloud
  • Self-service portal – Easily and quickly provision compute, storage, networking, applications, services, workloads and VMs instantly.
  • UK data centre – We guarantee data location within in the UK, even when using blended dedicated and shared resources
  • OpEx model – We remove the burden of maintaining cloud-ready infrastructure from customers, which means you don’t have to purchase expensive hardware upfront
  • Security conscious – Rest assured that your business systems and data protection platforms will run within a secure physical environment
  • Drive forward your cloud adoption – PHC can help unlock your cloud strategy by giving you the ability to access different cloud services, whether they are in a private cloud, hosted by Proact or natively in the public cloud.
  • Make progress towards net-zero carbon – You can scale locally within one of our UK data centres or burst out to the public cloud. This will help facilitate a reduced footprint or even the ability to shutdown entire data centres.
  • Achieve predictable cost management – Through our transparent pricing, you’ll know what you’ll be spending every month on compute/storage and networking resources.
  • Gain team resource – We support your daily operations with 24/7, high quality monitoring, management and support. Along with a more simplified infrastructure, this will enable your team to focus on more strategic IT projects, such as helping to use or developing new applications and services.
  • A secure environment for sensitive data – Our managed services team will regularly review the platform to ensure systems have planned hardware and software upgrades, helping you maintain a cyber secure system.

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