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Essential industry insights for adopting AI

Per Sedihn, CTO at Proact IT Group AB

As new technologies move from hype to real-world implementation, experience and insights are incredibly valuable for decision-making. Artificial intelligence (AI) may still feel like a futuristic aspiration for many enterprises, but a growing catalogue of use cases is bringing it closer to mainstream enterprise adoption. The industry is moving fast and so staying informed and up-to-date on developments puts you in a better position to distinguish the noise from the real value.

Before embarking on your AI journey, make sure you have your finger on the pulse of the industry. At Proact we take every effort possible to stay on top of the latest news, developments and advances. We combine this insight with our broad industry knowledge to help our customers follow best practices, avoid common pitfalls and maximise the impact of their AI investments.

Below are some of our go-to resources for AI knowledge. Check out these platforms to help further your own understanding, stay current with AI industry developments and use cases, and be better positioned to navigate discussions with internal stakeholders on what course your organisation should take.

Dedicated AI news platforms

Resource #1

  • Title: Artificial Intelligence Pro
  • Organisation: Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
  • Media type: Website and newsletter
  • Frequency: Updated daily
  • Description: The WSJ is clearly seeing strong interest in the topic of AI and so has created a dedicated portal sharing the latest news from across the space. Specific aspects covered include operations, vertical adoption, talent, ethics, regulation and governance. The website content is complemented by a daily newsletter sharing the latest and most popular stories.
  • Why you should subscribe / follow: The WSJ is known for quality journalism and has given a great deal of emphasis to producing comprehensive coverage of AI developments, delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Link:
  • Example post: How data management helps companies deploy AI

Resource #2

  • Title: The Guardian Artificial Intelligence section
  • Organisation: The Guardian
  • Media type: Website
  • Frequency: Updated daily
  • Description: The Guardian newspaper is renowned for being a leader in multimedia journalism. Its AI hub brings together the best in news, opinion, video and audio content for both a business and general audience.
  • Why you should subscribe / follow: Expect thought-provoking opinion pieces to help you look at the topic from a range of angles and make big-picture considerations for your AI strategy.
  • Link:
  • Example post: Google’s problem with AI and ethics

Consultancy resources

Resource #3

  • Title: McKinsey Artificial Intelligence
  • Organisation: McKinsey & Co
  • Media type: Multi-format
  • Frequency: New content posted regularly
  • Description: McKinsey is one of the world’s most respected consulting firms and well-known as a thought-leader in enterprise technology. Its AI site gathers a wide selection of content, ranging from short and easily-digestible infographic, video and podcast material though to more weighty discussion papers and reports.
  • Why you should subscribe / follow: With McKinsey you can guarantee high quality research and an authoritative industry outlook. The variety of topics covered and content formats used ensures you’ll continually be back for more insights.
  • Link:
  • Example post: The executive’s AI playbook

Industry insights

Resource #4

  • Title: NetApp Artificial Intelligence
  • Organisation: NetApp
  • Media type: Resource centre
  • Frequency: Updated regularly
  • Description: To capture the value of AI, next generation infrastructure is essential. Through its data management solutions, NetApp supports organisations to drive performance through advanced architecture. This content hub brings together the latest insights from across its work in the field of AI, providing practical direction for organisations to implement AI operations at scale.
  • Why you should subscribe / follow: NetApp’s content offers a range of media formats, including video, quizzes, articles and reports, covering the range of considerations an organisation should make to optimise its AI environment.
  • Link:
  • Example post: Accelerating digital transformation

Resource #5

  • Title: Proact knowledge base
  • Organisation: Proact
  • Media type: Resource centre
  • Frequency: Updated regularly
  • Description: AI is not a standalone topic – it’s part of an organisational drive towards modernisation and digital transformation. Our resource centre provides a broad perspective on all aspects of enterprise transformation, offering expert insight into topics including AI, cloud infrastructure, cyber security and many others.
  • Why you should subscribe / follow: As a managed service provider, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to gain a wide perspective on the challenges organisations from different industries and of varying sizes are experiencing, and gain first-hand insights on how these challenges are being overcome. We share these insight through a range of content formats, including checklists, articles, guides and whitepapers.
  • Link:
  • Example post: How to develop a cloud vision to support business needs
  • Academic research

Resource #6

  • Title: MIT Technology Review – Artificial Intelligence
  • Organisation: MIT
  • Media type: Website and newsletter
  • Frequency: Updated daily
  • Description: The MIT Technology Review’s mission is to ‘bring about better-informed and more conscious decisions about technology through authoritative, influential, and trustworthy journalism’, and that’s precisely what it brings to the topic of AI. The site gathers the latest news and opinion on the topic, supported by MIT’s research into machine learning, neural networks and robots.
  • Why you should subscribe / follow: While MIT is known for in-depth, research heavy content, the website actually contains a wide range of content formats for different levels of familiarity with the topic.
  • Link:
  • Example post: Five questions you can use to cut through AI hype

Resource #7

  • Title: BAIR
  • Organisation: Berkeley AI Research
  • Media type: Blog
  • Frequency: 1-2 new posts per month
  • Description: Berkeley is known as a leader in AI research. The institution’s blog provides in-depth insight based on the work conducted in its labs. Core topics covered include robotics and automation.
  • Why you should subscribe / follow: Berkeley’s blog stands out due to the technical depth of its content. It’s not suited for all audiences, but those willing to challenge their technical understanding will be duly rewarded.
  • Link:
  • Example post: Robots that learn to adapt

Industry expertise

Resource #8

  • Title: Microsoft AI
  • Organisation: Microsoft
  • Media type: Multimedia site
  • Frequency: Updated regularly
  • Description: Microsoft has made AI a key focus for its research and thought leadership efforts. Its goal, according to the site, is in ‘Pursuing computing advances to create intelligent machines that complement human reasoning to augment and enrich our experience and competencies.’ The site reflects this mission with a host of valuable resources, focused on innovation in the AI space
  • Why you should subscribe / follow: The site provides a range of content sourced from its research, science and engineering teams. Through blogs and videos, you can gain ‘behind-the-scenes’ insight into which areas the company is giving its greatest focus.
  • Link:
  • Example post: Towards AI that operates in the real world

Resource #9

  • Title: AWS Machine Learning Blog
  • Organisation: Amazon Web Services
  • Media type: Blog
  • Frequency: Several new posts each week
  • Description: Undoubtedly one of the leaders in cloud infrastructure, AWS offers a wide-ranging blog for those working on AI and machine learning projects. Aimed at a technical/engineering audience, the blog covers topics such as ML workflows, custom data labelling and reinforcement learning.
  • Why you should subscribe / follow: If you or your team are involved in the hands-on work of delivering AI projects, the blog offers practical insights and evidence-based advice to help you optimise your resources.
  • Link:
  • Example post: Build end-to-end machine learning workflows with Amazon SageMaker and Apache Airflows

Resource #10

  • Title: Learn with Google AI
  • Organisation: Google
  • Media type: Interactive website
  • Frequency: Updated regularly
  • Description: When it comes to AI, Google certainly fits in the ‘doers’ category, so it’s little surprise that its AI hub dispenses with bloated think-pieces and instead focuses on practical direction for using AI. The site is oriented for a range of audiences, including business decision makers, data scientists, researchers and engineers.
  • Why you should subscribe / follow: Whether you want to dig into practical courses on coding AI or read guides on designing AI products, the site caters to a range of needs. As you would expect for Google, the site is well designed and the content easy to consume.
  • Link:
  • Example post: How AI is supercharging hardware