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Leadership in managed security services: cutting-edge insights for your cyber security

Jeroen van Yperen, Business Development Manager at Proact

IT sits in the middle of massive organisational changes. Businesses are transforming their technology and operating models to capitalise on cloud services and to adapt to new challenges. IT’s role is not only to facilitate these changes, but also to ensure the security and robustness of the business as it evolves.

It’s this security element that presents the greatest uncertainty. The threat landscape is open 24 hours per day, seven days a week. It’s constantly evolving, and business growth creates new threat vectors and security considerations. No IT team can rise to this challenge in isolation. That’s why we focus on supporting our customer’s security capabilities in three key areas: people, processes and technology.

Leadership through teamwork

The pervasiveness of cloud services requires IT to build a broader set of skills that can translate needs into solutions. They be able to align IT with business demands, and must also align these services with security protocols and settings.

The challenge we see many organisations facing is scaling their IT resource to cover all the areas they need, continuously and consistently.

We work closely with customers to become a trusted security partner, not simply a provider. We want your team to be best equipped to handle security autonomously and proactively. This means we become part of your team to enhance the resources you have to manage security in a comprehensive and affordable way. We specialise in doing the heavy lifting for day-to-day security operations. We can empower your team to focus on architecting the next phase of your IT development.

Robust security processes

Every organisation is different, and each has its own way of operating. Security processes must integrate seamlessly with all other aspects of business operations to analyse, classify and escalate emerging threats wherever present. Service alignment is therefore crucial.

Our focus is on enabling a fearless approach to cyber security. We work to align service delivery with security needs across all areas of your business. This approach ensures that security processes and communication procedures are customised for specific business and departmental needs, with appropriate responses for each level of threat. On top of this, you can rely on us to provide fixed service processes that guarantee quality outcomes.

Technology advantage

Maintaining a secure infrastructure requires a multi-faceted approach. The architect must think about the robustness of crucial aspects such as networks, end user protection and next generation firewalls. In addition, they should see how practices and behaviours can create unexpected or undocumented security holes and insider threats. Without proper visibility, managing these different areas is a challenging task. You need threat intelligence in place to really understand what’s going on and what action needs to be taken.

Together with our partner NetApp, we can provide your business with this critical level of visibility. Our security technology uses machine learning to crunch millions of security logs daily – more than any in-house IT team could do in isolation. All this knowledge is harnessed to safeguard your environment. We consolidate your data into a single dashboard, giving you more power and control than ever before to identify anomalies, repetitive infiltration attempts and other suspicious activity. This dashboard will also give you a high level overview of your security status with the ability to drill down into the details. Having this level of visibility will keep you in control while our vSOC does the legwork.

Armed with this sophisticated technology, your team can scale its capabilities to act on any perceived threats.

The future of IT belongs to the brave

Creating a secure organisation is a journey, rather than a destination. For most businesses, getting the tools in place for robust security takes (on average) upwards of two years. During this period, time and money is spent without visible returns and – as the pace of change accelerates – you may find that your security vision is already outdated.

Working together, we can give your business the opportunity to jump start its security approach. We help you so you don’t have to start from scratch, and can get direct value for money. With costs that fit your budget, we can support you to orchestrate the people, processes and technology you need to get years ahead on your security journey. You can lean on our expertise and vast security experience to coordinate and implement a highly secure model quickly, with the power to plan and scale for future needs.