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People power counts for super cyber security

Jeroen van Yperen, Business Development Manager at Proact

In a 24/7 cyber threat landscape, every IT team should feel like they’re facing the issue with the necessary support. The argument for out-tasking certain security needs to access deeper expertise or round-the-clock resources is well known. Across the board with our clients, we’ve seen how working with a skilled security partner has helped them to evolve their internal practices and decision making.

Traditionally, IT departments have been self-sufficient and managed and maintained functions such as firewalls and endpoint protection. But, as digitisation spreads to every aspect of business operations, protecting the company and its assets has rapidly become a business-wide priority. Given the challenges of cyber security, guaranteeing the highest level of protection round-the-clock is no longer a realistic option for most in-house teams.

Managed services secure your organisation

Introducing a managed services provider helps you to secure your organisation while retaining full control over your IT. Our customers don’t see us as a replacement for their existing security team. Instead, we’re a way of enhancing the scale and effectiveness of their internal team. We provide greater insight into threat vectors and vulnerabilities and by working together, we offer round-the-clock resource in an affordable way. We help you gain a bird’s eye view of your security environment to build a more targeted cyber security approach that’s better suited to today’s digital realities.

Our virtual security operations centre (vSOC) provides an easily-integratable service that you can tap into to gain a full understanding of today’s landscape. To make the best security decisions, you need actionable intelligence that’s delivered quickly and reliably. We provide dashboards, reporting and escalation procedures to help secure your IT estate. This helps to identify incidents, while retaining full decision-making power. Once more, our approach enables you to focus on your most urgent priorities and respond fully informed with the correct actions.

For an organisation with any degree of maturity, security is never an isolated or static topic. It must be part of your daily operations and develop with business needs. To be prepared for what might emerge tomorrow, you need a security partner that not only understands your cyber security challenges, but also understands your business infrastructure and how you use applications. This means you can align security with your internal operations and goals in a cost-effective way.

Partnering for super cyber security

Working together, we can get you to where you want to be. We align with your IT operations and feed into your existing systems and processes to help zoom in on the right areas. We use the best technology, sourced through partners such as NetApp, as a foundation to secure your operations. And we do it 24/7, so your team doesn’t have to. We can work with your IT team and/or InfoSec team to provide critical and context-specific intel, ensuring they’re well informed and able to detect and navigate every challenge for optimal business outcomes.

The future of IT belongs to the brave. With our support you can be confident you have a strong team and robust approach in place to secure your organisation, whatever tomorrow’s cyber landscape brings.