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Driven by the What Good Looks Like (WGLL) framework, digital transformation is pushing healthcare providers to adopt a cloud approach. Other driving factors include investment in modern infrastructure to retire unsupported systems, reduction/de-commissioning of onsite data centres to free up space for offices and patients, meeting sustainable ICT aims and making progress towards net zero carbon.

While we are seeing NHS Trusts implementing a cloud-first strategy, cloud services can be complex to manage, migrate to and costs can rapidly get out of control. There’s no doubt that to meet all the various aims set out by the UK Government and overcome current challenges in healthcare, NHS IT leaders need financial resource, expertise and time – currently rare commodities for the NHS.

However, if you don’t have the right assistance or tooling, understanding your current infrastructure can be time-consuming and difficult. This can cause delays in completing the work or make it difficult to gather the correct information needed to help you build a solid plan for change.


Our approach to cloud adoption starts from the perspective of IT modernisation and transformation that is focused extensively on achieving your business goals. We start any cloud migration with our Cloud Strategy and Adoption Assessment. This service aims to ensure that all aspects of your migration are designed to optimise value for your business.

We use a proven methodology for cloud adoption, which takes you from discovery to implementation. Our methodology consists of four distinct phases: assess, recommend, migrate and optimise.

We run a series of assessments and workshops with you, which are aligned to each phase to identify specific and relevant deliverables. We then produce an overall migration plan for you, which we then implement to meet your requirements.


  • Gain deep insights – We’ll gather and document all the information on currently managed platforms. This will give you the right context you need to make informed decisions.
  • Business and IT alignment – We’ll ensure the migration and modernisation of applications is in line with your medium to long-term business goals and requirements.
  • Understand your investment deliver on a cloud-first strategy and create connected resources that are easy to manage, protect and optimise.
  • Visible and predictable costs – Your new cloud environment will be optimised for cost and performance, and fits with the medium to long term objectives of your organisation.
  • Security and data protection – Governance and compliance are evaluated and implemented alongside the strategy.

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