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Delivering a workspace solution that allows for agile and flexible working, while removing complexity is a key component in tackling the employee experience challenges. Proact’s Workspace Transformation Assessment draws on our two decades of experience to guide your organisation to a new workspace architecture and ensure your staff are happy and engaged.


The Workspace Transformation Assessment can be delivered in two ways: a half-day remote session or two days on-site with your team. Our proven methodology guides you through the complexities of delivering a modern workspace solution, from initial strategic alignment through to fully costed validated designs and final benefits realisation.

Our Workspace Transformation Assessment is a comprehensive service that ensures alignment of your strategy and technology to deliver the end-user workspace. Throughout the process we will jointly develop an agnostic solution without compromising on security, productivity or performance for the end-user.



  • Increase productivity – Understand how to architect a workspace that will drive employee engagement, increase productivity, staff retention and help attract the best talent
  • Streamlined ops – Align your organisation’s strategy to the required technology, simplify operations, reduce costs and underpin organisational objectives
  • Financial insights – Understand the costs and savings from different workspace architectures via the business case
  • Deeper understanding – Gain deep insights into the architecture and technology needed to underpin a modern digital workspace solution
  • Technological alignment – Ensure end-users, business leaders and IT teams are aligned and buy into the technology and its outcomes
  • Improve data sets – Obtain detailed data on current end user computing landscape to remove assumptions and base decisions on data

Find out how our Workspace Transformation Assessment can support your transformation to a modern workspace solution that will drive employee experience, increase security and simplify your IT operations.

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