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Digital Transformation

Lead the way in Higher Education with Digital Transformation Consultancy. Draw upon our extensive experience in the education sector and the broader market to implement the best technology solutions that propel you ahead and maintain your competitive edge.

The Challenge

Catering specifically to the unique challenges faced by the higher education sector, we offer comprehensive solutions to address the growing data volumes and increasing security concerns experienced by IT teams. With a forecasted global datasphere of 180ZB by 2025, universities face the critical tasks of maintaining compliance, securing sensitive data, and managing sprawling records while continuing to provide essential services and fostering technological advancements.

As core data continues to grow exponentially, driven by factors such as increased student data volumes, media-rich content, digitisation initiatives, and complex retention policies, Proact ensures that universities can effectively handle their data and meet operational resilience requirements and GDPR regulations.

Proact’s solutions encompass various areas of data management and consultancy. Through data audits, analysis reports, and visibility optimisation, we provide IT teams with the knowledge and understanding needed to safeguard data, comply with sovereignty regulations, and enhance data backup and disaster recovery services. 

With our strategic consultancy services, universities can overcome challenges and implement technology-driven solutions to boost efficiency, transform paper-based processes, manage data sprawl, foster collaboration, and differentiate themselves from competitors. The experienced consulting team combines the expertise of IT professionals, technical experts, and consultants to drive enterprise-level solution development and change management.

Digital transformation is essential for the higher education sector to remain competitive, provide high-quality education experiences, foster research excellence, and adapt to the changing demands of students and the global landscape. It empowers universities to thrive in the digital age and positively impact the future of education.


The Solution

Data is invaluable, and ensuring you know where it is and how it used is imperative. Proact can provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to keep your data safe and secure.

Automated controls and reporting

Proact consultancy, automated controls and reporting gives your teams the ability to fully understand data, where it lives, who touched it last, and any exposure to sensitive data, with custom reports and dashboards. This service assists with closing the gaps for data audits, preventing opportunities for fines and attacks from hackers.

We use artificial intelligence-driven technology to provide data governance across your entire data estate, easily pinpoint cost-savings, identify compliance and privacy concerns, and find optimisation opportunities. We improve business efficiency and cost effectiveness through automatic discovery, mapping, reporting and classification of your data in the cloud or on premises.

Proact Strategic Consultancy

If your looking to overcome challenges and develop new ways of working, we can help you create solutions through technology to maximise your learning experience,  digitally transform paper processes, manage data sprawl, create collaboration solutions, increase efficiency and differentiate your university from the competition.

Our strategic consulting team are experienced in delivering change management through technology across a wide variety of Universities. Combining the skills of your IT team, our technical experts and our consulting team, we provide an experienced approach to enterprise solution development.

Proact Data Consultancy

Proact gives you better visibility of your data. We support HE IT teams with data consultancy in the following ways:

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