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Hybrid Cloud

Lead digital transformation by creating a central cloud hub. Provide easy access to all apps: software as a service (SaaS), legacy or otherwise with simple single sign-on (SSO) connectivity and a high availability platform.

The Challenge

For many universities and colleges housing all IT systems within university buildings is shifting. Many institutions now utilise Software as a Service (SaaS) for learning and classroom systems, moving data outside their infrastructure. Despite initial reservations, this trend is gaining widespread adoption, offering stronger security, greater reliability, and simplified management.


Likewise, the infrastructure landscape is evolving. A significant portion of university IT is hosted in public cloud, private cloud, or multicloud environments, moving away from exclusive on-premise setups. This shift is driven by improved performance, availability, reliability, and security, resulting in increased billable time, reduced business disruption, lower capital expenditures, and decreased reliance on expensive hardware.

However, the advantage of utilizing cloud services also encompasses paying based on consumption, thereby eliminating the necessity of investing in potentially unused capacity. To delve deeper, consider a scenario where a customer possesses 50TB of data but procures 150TB of storage to accommodate for future needs and expansion. Through cloud services, you only incur charges for the actual usage, in this case, 50TB

However, new challenges are arising. Universities with a public cloud footprint face concerns related to billing costs, predictability, complex management, and rapidly expanding data lakes.

Universities strive for end-user simplicity by integrating applications and systems hosted across multiple environments into a unified and user-friendly solution. Delivering a friction-free, remote-first experience for faculty and students becomes essential for success as its is paramount as this is how students select the university they want to study with.


The Solution

Proact are specialists in hybrid cloud & workspace solutions. We help education customers and others, to implement technologies that improve employee and student experience, IT operations and workspace security.

We create solutions that go beyond hybrid working to bring wider benefits, from increases in speed of file delivery to a reduction in lock up times. We implement technologies that deliver more efficient working practices, tighter security and collaborative freedom, so our customers can thrive in the modern world of working. Having the right technology in place to support staff & students workforce has never been more important.

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