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Specialist Service Management

Enable your university’s IT aspirations by freeing your IT team from mundane tasks. Minimise disruptions and maximise productive hours with proactive monitoring, system optimization, and seamless maintenance carried out by our 24/7 UK Network and Security Operations Centre.

The Challenge

Over the years, there has been a significant shift in how higher education institutions perceive the adoption of public cloud/multi-cloud services. Many organisations have now embraced a hybrid cloud operating model or have plans to transition to this model within the next 12-24 months. However, this shift has presented several challenges.


One of the main challenges is the increased workload burden on already overwhelmed IT teams. University IT managers now find themselves supporting a variety of on-premise storage, computing, and data protection platforms, in addition to their public cloud counterparts. This situation further strains the limited resources available to IT teams.

Moreover, financial resources and staffing levels are not increasing in line with the demands of digital strategies. As a result, IT managers are forced to allocate resources across multiple platforms and provide training to existing staff in new technologies. However, this approach can lead to a lack of practical experience, compromising the quality of service provided to faculty and students.

While cloud solutions offer accessibility from anywhere, they also pose risks if mistakes or misconfigurations occur, potentially exposing highly sensitive information. IT teams face the dual challenge of managing the cloud as a new platform while ensuring its security and data protection measures match those of on-premise infrastructure.

Our advantages lie in our ability to function across multiple platforms.As customers move from on-prem to Public Cloud (or back again) we have the flexibility to support them in this journey. 

With our expertise, we handle these tasks for numerous clients on a daily basis. Enable your team to concentrate on tasks that bring value, while we take care of infrastructure management, security, and backups.

The Solution

Proact’s Service Management offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring, support, and incident resolution tailored specifically for IT teams in higher education.

Our service operated from UK Network/Security operation centres in  Glasgow, Manchester and Chesterfield. Providing continuous 24/7, monitoring of your chosen IT environment aspects. Additionally, our dedicated teams handle routine infrastructure tasks such as patching, backup, testing, and issue resolution.

By opting for our Service Management, higher education institutions benefit from Proact assuming responsibility for downtime incidents, with our teams mobilized round the clock to promptly address any issues. We offer Service Management expertise in various areas including storage, servers, networks, hypervisors, backup, and public cloud.

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