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Workspace Solutions

The Challenge

With hybrid learning guiding the trajectory of higher education in the years ahead, educational institutions are refining their curriculum and exploring innovative tools and solutions. Although the majority of universities have resumed in-person teaching, a considerable subset continues to broaden their remote learning offerings. While remote education was initially driven by necessity at the outset of the pandemic, it ultimately introduced increased convenience for students, allow global course participation, and an improved work-life balance for university staff.
Leveraging a Digital Workplace strategy aids enterprises in achieving three primary Total Experience Goals:
Enhance Student Experiences for Higher Retention Rates
In today’s digital landscape, technology is seamlessly integrated into daily life. By implementing agile Digital Workplace solutions, universities can attract, retain, engage, and motivate students, offering flexible learning from anywhere.
This approach establishes a tech-enabled environment, removing the need for app switching. A unified interface streamlines tasks, connecting students with peers, faculty, attendance marking, assignment management, exam results, news updates, and more. This boosts productivity in students’ digital journeys, delivering satisfactory collegiate experiences.
Elevate Staff Experiences for Increased Productivity
Digital workplace solutions empower staff to collaborate and exchange information with a click, enhancing efficiency and productivity. This user-friendly environment simplifies daily tasks through a comprehensive platform for virtual training, assignment distribution, updates, analytics, examination result sharing, and self-service, streamlining processes and communication.
Amplify Business Outcomes through Enhanced Overall Experience
Digital workplace solutions within universities, comprising seamless collaboration tools, address business challenges, fostering operational efficiency. Scalable solutions enable real-time collaboration, information sharing, and process streamlining among students, staff, researchers, and administration, reducing reliance on peers for data collection. By facilitating virtual meetings, reducing travel and telecommunication costs, and eliminating communication barriers, digital workplaces enhance the business experience, driving growth and superior outcomes.


Why Proact?

Proact are specialists in hybrid-working workspace solutions. We help organisations to implement technologies that improve employee experience, IT operations and workspace security.
We create solutions that go beyond hybrid working to bring wider benefits, by increasing access to legacy applications and modernising how you access these apps. We implement technologies that deliver more efficient working practices, tighter security and collaborative freedom, so your organisation can thrive in the modern world of working.
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