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Cyber-security Services

Introduction to our Solution

Protect your firm from cyber-attacks, ransomware, data breaches and business disruption with industry-leading 24/7 security and vulnerability intelligence services.

Insurers’ critical workflows like trade processing and claims handling can be severely affected by cyberattacks and downtime. The FCA mandates operational resilience from March 2022 to 2025, requiring adequate protection, planning, testing, and mitigation. 

Black Kite found that 82% of top insurers face cyberattacks, with attacks up by 300% in a year. 20% of insurers are highly vulnerable, and 42% have critical vulnerabilities due to outdated systems. Protecting reputation, data, and claims payment ability is crucial. Adequate protection for your organization is necessary, despite insuring clients against cyber-risk.

 Cybercrime is a 24/7 operation. For many enterprise organisations, having the skilled personnel in sufficient numbers is too challenging and expensive. Proact offers 24/7/365 ‘Managed Detection and Response’ services from three ‘security operation centres’ in the UK, with a full complement of directly employed security staff.

To prepare for a possible cyberattack, you need a solid backup and recovery platform, a tested recovery plan, and a partner with experts in all key IT fields. The same team that maintains your systems and tests your backup and recovery platform is invaluable during a recovery.

Insurers and brokers hold sensitive data, making them a prime target for cyberattacks. With digitalisation, it’s crucial to implement multiple layers of defence to protect against reputational and commercial damage if data is compromised.

Skilled security staff are both hard to come by and expensive to hire. Proact has a skilled security staff and an ecosystem for in-house security skills development, and works closely with universities specialising in cyber-security to develop graduates, resulting in one of the most formidable security teams in the industry.

Why Proact?

Proact has over a decade of experience delivering 24/7 security services to organisations across Europe from its three UK-based Security Operations Centres.

Our clients hold some of the most sensitive and attractive data to cybercriminals and they are reliant on technology to run their business. We’re proud to provide a critical service to these organisations.

We understand how important discretion is to your clients and we help you deliver your promise to protect their interests, alongside vital legal services.

Get in touch with our cyber security teams today for a vulnerability assessment service.

We employ a five-point strategy to protect our insurance clients:


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