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Insurance-Grade Backup & Disaster Recovery

Introduction to our Solution

Some of the worlds largest corporations rely on members of the Lloyds market to ensure their continued operations. The swift placing of insurance trades and processing of claims can be critical to clients. As such, the operational resilience and high availability of your IT is core to delivering your promise to your clients. What’s more, the sensitivity of the data involved and the increasing digitisation of the industry means that it’s never been more important to secure and protect that data.

Proact are specialists in backup and recovery solutions, scoped specifically to cater for the needs of insurers and brokers. But what makes a backup solution ‘insurance-grade’? 

Protecting valuable data requires a highly secure backup solution: off-site, encrypted, air-gapped, and monitored with the same cyber-security as the main network. This backup is crucial to the ‘last layer of defence’ against cyberattacks and must be separate with different access credentials.

In case of an emergency, a strong backup and recovery platform, a tested recovery plan, and a multi-disciplinary team of IT experts are crucial. The same team that manages your systems also tests your backup and recovery platforms, ensuring their familiarity and intricate knowledge for optimal performance during emergencies.

Backup must identify when the cyberattack started and restore to a point before that. Attackers can be in your system for weeks before the attack is noticed, so without fixing the vulnerability they exploited, they could return undetected.

Retention management is central to insurance-grade backup solutions. With client data subject to a mixture of retention policies, you need the ability to set detailed retention schedules and have granular access to individual file retention where required.

Test restores are also a critical but often-overlooked component of a reliable system. Having an experienced team on staff to spot issues before the system is needed.

With the increase in adoption of software as a service (SaaS) for both regular IT and specialist insurance software, insurance firms need backup solutions that can collate data from a wide variety of  platforms; from SaaS to Public Cloud to on-premise.

Insurers must become ‘operationally resilient’ between March 2022 and March 2025, as per FCA’s stipulation. This means having adequate protections, plans, testing, and mitigations in place for cyberattacks and other risks to operational disruption. Adequate backup and recovery platforms are critical to achieving operational resilience.

Why Proact?

Our specialist backup solutions provide the highest level of protection for sensitive personal data, as well as granular retention management.

Your data is held off-site on a platform and is actively monitored by Proact’s Security Operations Centre team, adding layers of defence to your data protection strategy.  Our disaster recovery solutions vary, from live failover with zero Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective options that give maximum protection to billable time, to a dedicated standby available for an immediate rebuild. We integrate our backup and disaster recovery services to allow the quickest return to operation timescales.

Get in touch with our recovery specialists to discuss your options and arrange a free consultation.

Proact provides a wide-range of backup solutions, from traditional on-premise through to insurance and medical-grade cloud backup-as-a-service, with complementary wraparound managed and monitoring services 24/7.


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