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Insurance Hybrid Cloud

Introduction to our Solution

Establish the foundations for growth and agility with Hybrid Cloud for insurance firms. Leverage the best of public cloud, SaaS and private cloud; host systems in the environments they are best suited to; and position your firm for success with an interconnected multicloud platform.


Host each app on the platform best suited to it. Harness the agility and flexibility of public cloud and SaaS for regular workloads, whilst utilising the the stability and cost-control of private cloud for resource-hungry risk modelling

As the insurance industry moves towards a data-first future, you need a scalable, flexible platforms so your teams can build the apps of the future.

Scale workloads easily to account for spikes in business, M&A or a change in requirements.

Expensive and disruptive cap-ex infrastructure upgrades are a thing of the past with most cloud options.

Avoid bill spiral. Use intelligence and modelling to understand the resources required for apps, so you can choose the right cloud for the right app for a cost-effective cloud.

Remove assets from the balance sheet and make IT Op-Ex.

Transfer system maintenance, monitoring and issue resolution to our 24/7 skilled teams, enabling your specialists to focus on the development projects that will drive your data-first future and establish competitive advantage.

The skills required to manage and secure a hybrid cloud environment are broad and in high demand. Reduce recruitment and training costs by utilising our skilled and accredited 24/7 teams through managed services.

Consolidate and repurpose expensive real-estate by migrating IT services to the cloud or relocating equipment in highly efficient data centres.

Cloud migration doesn’t simply transfer your carbon impact to a 3rd party. Cloud infrastructure has a smaller footprint, produces less heat and requires less energy to cool. Combine this with the efficiencies of a cloud data centre and your carbon impact decreases.

Moving operations to the public cloud doesn’t need to involve high-risk refactoring. Get the scalable benefits of the cloud with a fast, reliable and cost-effective migration.

Achieve great user-experience across your multicloud environment. Whether it’s your local risk modelling software, your SaaS trading application, your Lloyd’s integrations or your bespoke Azure apps, everything works with single-sign-on and integrates together.

Combining hybrid cloud with industry-leading security, backup and disaster recovery ensures a high-availability environment with the operational resiliency required, both for a leading insurer or broker, and as stipulated by regulators.

Why Proact?

Many insurance firms are on a cloud transformation journey. Operating solely in one environment isn’t always practical and we can help with building the right IT platform for your firm, be it across public or private cloud, on-premise, hybrid or multicloud.

Delivered from our three UK network operations centres in Glasgow, Manchester and Chesterfield, we have specialist teams and technologies that manage your firm’s environment.

Get in touch for your readiness assessment and see how we can add-value to your cloud strategy.


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