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Protect your firm from cyber-attacks, ransomware, data breaches and business disruption with industry-leading 24/7 security and vulnerability intelligence services.

Introduction to Our Solution

Cyber-attacks on businesses have increased significantly in recent years, and the services and technology needed to protect against them have evolved substantially too.

According to analysis by NordLocker, the UK suffers the third highest rate of ransomware attacks in the world and cybercrime accounts for over half of all crime in the UK, according to the National Crime Agency. GCHQ cites that ransomware attacks have doubled during 2021 alone.

The legal sector is highly vulnerable to cyberattacks as firms frequently process large volumes of confidential data. Firms specialising in corporate or property law are especially vulnerable.

A report on the cyber-threat to the UK legal sector, published by the National Cyber Security Centre in 2018, outlined that 60% of law firms reported an information security incident. A review of cybercrime released in 2020 by the Solicitors Regulation Authority reported that 23 of the 40 firms sampled saw more than £4m stolen.

The ransom is only one aspect of the threat. The immobilisation of IT systems would severely impact the productivity of the firm and undeniably cost substantial sums of money in lost revenue and billing lock up. It isn’t uncommon for systems to be immobilised for days or even weeks.

There is also the risk to your customers, data and reputation. The more sensitive your data, the more valuable it is on the dark web. Any breach could substantially affect a firm’s reputation, and the clients of that firm. It’s not hard to see why cybersecurity is on the top of every CIO’s agenda.

Why Proact?

Proact has over a decade of experience delivering 24/7 security services to organisations across Europe from its UK-based Security Operations Centres.

Our legal clients hold some of the most sensitive and attractive data to cybercriminals and they are reliant on technology to run their business. We’re proud to provide a critical service to these organisations. We understand how important discretion is to your clients and we help you deliver your promise to protect their interests, alongside vital legal services. 

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We employ a five-point strategy to protect our legal clients:

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