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Digital Transformation

Lead the way in legal with digital transformation consultancy. Lean on our experience across the legal sector and the wider commercial market to ensure best-of-breed technology that keeps you ahead and competitive.

Introduction to Our Solution

Data is growing exponentially each year. We are seeing more and more legal services moving from multiple terabytes of data into petabytes of data, driven by:

  • Large increases in volumes of client data and the media rich content that is stored
  • Large improvements in the resolution of document scanning 
  • The push within the sector to modernise and digitalise as much as possible
  • Managing retention policies – complex retention, having backups and systems where you can keep certain data for long periods but disregard others in short, while meeting legal requirements and opposing GDPR 


As the amount of data generated worldwide continues to grow (Statista forecasts a global datasphere of 180ZB by 2025), IT teams operating in the legal sector face increasing security challenges, alongside the need to manage and maintain compliancy, audit and backup sprawling and rich data, continue to operate business as usual services, and provide technology innovations.

Ultimately these challenges result in large sporadic data lakes that are a challenge to keep on top of, leaving legal teams susceptible to fines, attacks and data loss.

Proact helps with data consultancy services and automated controls and reporting so you can always stay on top of your data.

Why Proact?

Data is invaluable, and ensuring you know where it is and how it used is imperative. Proact can provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to keep your data safe and secure.


Proact Data Consultancy

Proact gives you better visibility of your data. We support legal IT teams with data consultancy in the following ways:

Automated controls and reporting

Proact consultancy, automated controls and reporting gives legal IT teams the ability to fully understand data, where it lives, who touched it last, and any exposure to sensitive data, with custom reports and dashboards. This service assists with closing the gaps for data audits, preventing opportunities for fines and attacks from hackers.

We use artificial intelligence-driven technology to provide data governance across your entire data estate, easily pinpoint cost-savings, identify compliance and privacy concerns, and find optimisation opportunities. We improve business efficiency and cost effectiveness through automatic discovery, mapping, reporting and classification of your data in the cloud or on premises.

Proact Strategic Consultancy

If your legal firm is looking to overcome challenges and develop new ways of working, we can help you create solutions through technology to maximise your billable time, minimise lockup, digitally transform paper processes, manage data sprawl, create collaboration solutions, increase efficiency and differentiate your firm from the competition.

Our strategic consulting team are experienced in delivering change management through technology across a wide variety of enterprise settings. Combining the skills of your IT team, our technical experts and our consulting team, we provide an experienced approach to enterprise solution development.

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