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Legal-grade Backup & DR

Protect sensitive client records with highly secure, legal-grade backup solutions, and protect your billable time with high availability disaster recovery solutions.


Introduction to Our Solution

The amount and value of data that legal firms hold is growing every year. As digital transformation continues to change the way legal firms store, process and analyse client documents, the reliance on data security increases, both from a business continuity and data protection perspective.




Legal firms need backup solutions of a higher calibre than many other sectors. But what makes a backup solution ‘legal-grade’? 

With the increase in adoption of software as a service (SaaS) case management and financial systems, legal firms need backup solutions that can collate data from a wide variety of  platforms. 

Due to the sensitivity and value of the data being protected, your backup solution needs the highest level of security. Backups need to be off-site within the UK, encrypted, air-gapped from the main network and surrounded with the same cyber-security monitoring as your main network. Your backup is your ‘last layer of defence’ to a cyber-attack, and it’s important that it’s separate from your main systems with different access credentials, so in the event of a main network breach, it remains inaccessible.

Backup immutability and testing are additional critical components to ensure security and reliability. Immutability ensures that backups can’t be wiped on a software level by malicious actors if they gain access. Test restores are also a critical but often-overlooked component of a reliable system and your backup should seamlessly restore. 

Finally, retention management is central to legal-grade backup solutions. With client data subject to a mixture of retention policies, you need the ability to set detailed retention schedules and have granular access to individual file retention where required.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Billable time is money. Many of our legal clients transact significant amounts of money every day.

Downtime due to a cyber-attack is very damaging and expensive, with billable time severely impacted and lock up extended, so it’s important to have a failover system available in the event of a systems outage. Any disaster recovery system must match the live system security specifications, so you can operate with the same security assurances within an ISO 27001 accredited environment.

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Our Solution 

Proact provides a wide-range of backup solutions, from traditional on-premise through to legal and medical-grade cloud backup-as-a-service, with complementary wraparound managed and monitoring services 24/7.

Our specialist legal backup solutions provide the highest level of protection for sensitive personal data, as well as granular retention management. Your data is held off-site on a platform and is actively monitored by Proact’s Security Operations Centre team, adding layers of defence to your data protection strategy.  Our disaster recovery solutions vary, from live failover with zero Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective options that give maximum protection to billable time, to a dedicated standby available for an immediate rebuild. We integrate our backup and disaster recovery services to allow the quickest return to operation timescales.

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