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Legal Hybrid Cloud

Lead digital transformation by creating a central cloud hub. Provide easy access to all legal apps: software as a service (SaaS), legacy or otherwise with simple single sign-on (SSO) connectivity and a high availability platform.

Introduction to Our Solution

For many legal firms, the days of housing all IT systems inside company buildings are in the past. Most case management and legal financial software is now primarily delivered as software as a service (SaaS). Whilst there was initial scepticism at holding data outside of the firm’s infrastructure, this has now largely given way to widespread adoption, with the model providing stronger security, greater reliability and simpler management.

Infrastructure has also followed suit. A large proportion of legal IT is now hosted across public cloud, private cloud or multicloud environments, as opposed to solely on-premise. This transition is being driven by improved performance, availability, reliability and security. It translates to more billable time, less business disruption,  low cap-ex costs and less reliance on expensive hardware.

New challenges are emerging. For those with a public cloud footprint, cost and predictability of billing, complex management and rapidly expanding data lakes driven by the digitisation of paper records are all common headaches. Data sovereignty remains an important issue in legal, alongside understanding the exact location of sensitive client data.

Achieving end-user simplicity is also a common objective, with firms looking to bring together applications and systems hosted across multiple environments into one easy-to-access and easy-to-manage solution. Delivering a friction-free, remote-first experience for employees is becoming more central to legal firms’ success, to extract more billable time from employees and reduce lock up timescales.

Why Proact?

Many legal firms are on a cloud transformation journey and Proact has been helping with this transition for over a decade. Operating solely in one environment isn’t always practical and we can help with building the right IT platform for your firm, be it across public or private cloud, on-premise, hybrid or multicloud.

Delivered from our three UK network operations centres in Glasgow, Manchester and Chesterfield, we have specialist teams and technologies that manage your firm’s environment 

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