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Legal Workspace Solutions

Maximise billable time and reduce lock-up by accessing all applications from anywhere: home, office, court, client premises or any remote location.

Introduction to Our Solution

Hybrid working is now standard working practice in the legal industry. It’s important to deliver flexibility to both legal and support staff, not just because they expect it, but because it can make a measurable impact to the results of the firm.

Billable time is money. Any hybrid working solution must enable legal practitioners to easily carry out their work, wherever they are. It’s not just about providing a laptop and a VPN. Staff must have access to the applications or files they need, or productivity and user experience will be impacted, costing billable time and money. 

Inefficient hybrid-working technologies can have a substantial impact on billable time and employee satisfaction, whereas the right technologies can do the opposite. When compared with full-time office work, you can increase billable time per practitioner by using the right workspace technology.

Reducing lockup time is a key objective of many firms.  A fully accessible and simple-to-use workspace solution can make a big impact. Building smooth and efficient business processes based on a truly-hybrid IT solution, can enable your firm to be more efficient than ever.

Ensuring file security and governance is a key concern in a hybrid-working, digitally collaborative legal firm. You need to secure your sensitive client data wherever it is accessed, ensuring your digital security and document management doesn’t just compare to on-premise, it exceeds it, while meeting SRA regulations.

Why Proact?

Proact are specialists in hybrid-working workspace solutions. We help legal firms and others across multiple industries, to implement technologies that improve employee experience, IT operations and workspace security.

We create solutions that go beyond hybrid working to bring wider benefits, from increases in billable hours to a reduction in lock up times. We implement technologies that deliver more efficient working practices, tighter security and collaborative freedom, so your legal firm can thrive in the modern world of working.

Having the right technology in place to support your firm’s workforce has never been more important.

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