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Specialist Service Management

Enable your legal firm’s ambitious IT agenda by freeing your IT team from business as usual. Minimise downtime and the loss of billable time with proactive monitoring, systems optimisation and zero-downtime maintenance, all delivered from our 24/7 network operations centre.

Introduction to Our Solution

Over the past five years there has been a massive step change in perceptions of public cloud adoption in the legal sector. Multiple firms are now entrenched in a hybrid cloud operating model or have plans in place to move to this model over the next 12-24 months. 

This increases the workload burden on IT teams that are already overloaded. IT managers are now supporting a range of on-premise storage, compute and data protection platforms alongside their public cloud counterparts.

Headcount is not increasing to support the strategy; IT managers are forced to balance resources across multiple platforms. Often, neither the on-premise or the cloud infrastructure get the attention they require to ensure company systems remain fully secure and efficient. 

Further compounding this, IT teams are also the driver of innovation within legal firms. Spending time on systems management holds back technical progression and inevitably makes the firm less competitive. 

It’s becoming more challenging for companies to justify the investment in operational capability. Out tasking this is an ideal solution that frees legal IT teams to focus on business innovation.

Why Proact?

Proact’s Service Management is a 24/7 monitoring, support and incident resolution solution for legal teams. In addition to continually monitoring chosen aspects of your IT environment, our teams carry out all routine infrastructure tasks, such as patching, backup, testing and issue resolution.

Our service management customers also benefit from Proact taking responsibility whenever downtime occurs and we are mobilised 24/7 to repair any issues. We offer our legal customers Service Management for: storage, server, networks, hypervisor, backup, and public cloud.

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