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Case Study

Bates Wells

Focusing internal resources on IT innovation and new initiatives by outsourcing day-to-day management

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Solution provided

London-based full-service law fi rm Bates Wells specialises in legal representation and advice for charities and social enterprises. It’s crucial for Bates Wells to have an efficient IT environment that allows staff to be productive in their important work and maintain their leading position in the market.

The situation

As is common in the legal sector, Bates Wells uses time recording to track its lawyers’ hours. Billable time is money, and it’s commercially important that the firm can rely on its IT. Additionally, Bates Wells has embraced a hybrid working model after realising the benefi ts during the pandemic. Now more than ever, it’s essential that all 250 employees are able to work securely and efficiently on their corporate-issued laptops.

A robust solution enabling efficiency

A new solution was needed to ensure the necessary uptime required for Bates Wells’ operations. Additionally, managed services were required to reduce internal time spent on day-to-day operations and free up time for IT innovation. One example of this was the implementation of a new practice management system, which needed substantial resources to be delivered promptly.

Proact implemented an on-premises modern infrastructure, complimented with Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

“The steps we took to refresh the infrastructure and speed up our storage solution helped us reach the results we were looking to achieve,” says Stuart McHugh, Head of IT at Bates Wells. “Outsourcing the repetitive tasks associated with Backup and DR has also lightened the team’s workload and enabled them to focus on more relevant projects. DRaaS has been a huge benefit especially, because of the added resilience and hugely reduced management requirements.”

I find Proact to be a great partner because of the breadth of skills that they have. And even though they’re not part of our team directly, they are striving for the same thing we are: To provide our fi rm with an efficient, performant infrastructure.
Stuart McHugh, Head of IT at Bates Wells


Benefits felt by the whole business

Like many businesses, Bates Wells has transitioned into a hybrid working model. Prior to collaborating with Proact, limitations in managing employees’ corporate laptops was a particular frustration for the IT team. Proact implemented Microsoft Intune to better facilitate this, even without connection to a VPN. This ensures security patches and software updates are applied quickly, so the fi rm’s systems are as secure as possible. In addition, users have noticed that their laptops and various systems are working faster than they did before. This can be attributed to the faster storage made possible with the all-fl ash array.

Additional support through monitoring

For extra peace of mind, Bates Wells opted for 24/7 monitoring from Proact to help them deal with alerts. “Proact monitors our entire infrastructure as well as all networks, switches, firewalls, routers, our Windows servers and our VMware environment,” says McHugh. “If anything unusual happens and an alert is generated, Proact can respond accordingly. With this setup, an experienced team have eyes on our equipment around the clock. So even if our team are offline or busy doing other things, we can rest assured that we’re still covered as part of the service from Proact.”

Working with Proact

The expertise offered by Proact’s Service Desk, along with the hours and coverage it provides, played a large role in Bates Wells’ decision to partner with Proact. “I find Proact to be a great partner because of the breadth of skills that they have,” explains McHugh. Bates Wells looks forward to a continued cooperation with Proact in the future, citing the firm’s satisfaction with finding an IT partner familiar with their sector’s specific requirements. “It’s essential that we can work with someone who has the knowledge and expertise to support a law firm like us,” says McHugh. “Just knowing we have an extension of our team who understands our business when we need that little bit of support is a huge comfort.”


  • A Strategic solution
    Bates Wells received a solution that had not only their current needs in mind, but also equipped them for their future requirements as these develop.
  • Efficiency
    By outsourcing day-to-day systems management, the IT team at Bates Wells now has increased capacity for innovation projects that drive the fi rm’s core business.
  • Peace of mind
    Selecting 24/7 monitoring, BaaS and DRaaS means that an experienced team is always looking after the fi rm’s IT environment, responding to alerts in real time.
  • Security
    Both security and management of corporate laptops has been improved by Proact, giving both the fi rm’s employees and the IT team the assurances they need in a hybrid-working world.

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