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Case Study


Proact ensures continuous 24x7x365 protection against security breaches for critical data within Reportum®.

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Solution provided

Formed by Pharma industry experts, MyMeds&Me is the leading SaaS provider of adverse event (AE) and product quality complaint (PQC) collection solutions for the life sciences industry with their product Reportum®.

Initial situation

Reportum® provides intelligent, intuitive, web-based and mobile solutions that enable the standardised capture of adverse event and product quality data at source, transforming the end-to-end pharmacovigilance process and optimising data quality.

Five of the top 30 global Pharma organisations are already using Reportum® and, due to the sensitive nature of data in the healthcare field, security and privacy are top priorities for these organisations when adopting the latest technology. Proact has been selected as a trusted partner to provide round-the-clock security surveillance, ensuring critical data within Reportum® remains protected.

The challenge

With a commitment to continuously improving its cyber security defences, MyMeds&Me sought security management on a 24x7x365 basis without having to hire internal talent. With a streamlined workforce, the Engineering team wanted to use a trusted partner for security monitoring.

Because Reportum® is used by some of the world’s largest Pharma organisations, it was important that MyMeds&Me found a security partner that could meet both growth requirements and the expectations of well-known clients. With these factors in mind, SIEM as a Service was chosen.

Not only did this solution provide the comprehensive monitoring and management required, but MyMeds&Me benefits from the expertise on offer from within Proact’s specialist security team.

How we helped

Following the introduction of Proact’s SIEM as a Service, Reportum® is now monitored 24x7x365 by Proact’s cybersecurity experts. With the ability to scale on demand, MyMeds&Me’s Engineering team has the peace of mind that critical alerts are always raised to the right people at the right time.

MyMeds&Me can also be reassured that the SIEM platform is always up-to-date and correctly configured around the needs of the IT environment. In turn risk is minimised as less time will be spent investigating false alarms making genuine threats easier to identify amongst the millions of logs which are monitored each day. Proact’s log management means that specialist advice is provided on how to investigate unusual events, alongside potential remediation methods. Logs are now shipped to a secure offsite repository thus providing additional resistance against log tampering. Dashboard access improves visibility of events within Reportum®, allowing the Engineering team to delve into issues quickly and effectively.

SIEM as a Service offers a structured and systematic approach to log management while providing numerous business and security advantages. Now that threats are likely to be discovered at the earliest possible opportunity, Reportum® customers can be confident that their systems are being monitored 24x7x365 for any unusual behaviour or cyber attacks. As MyMeds&Me is a customer-centric organisation that handles large amounts of sensitive personal data, working with a partner with both ISO27001 and IGSOC certification adds real business value.


  • Fully managed service
    24x7x365 monitoring by cybersecurity specialists who can provide guidance on breaches and threats.
  • Enterprise technology
    Powered by LogRhythm, a Gartner Magic Quadrant SIEM provider.
  • Dashboard overview
    Access to clear security metrics making alert investigations quicker and easier.
  • Regulatory compliance
    By centrally storing and monitoring logs, security best practices are met ensuring compliance.
  • Service optimisation
    Regular reports and reviews to ensure the SIEM service delivers at the expected levels.
  • Log management
    Proact processes over 1,000,000,000 logs each day allowing administrators to concentrate on strategic projects.

Key components

About Reportum®

Reportum® is the leading SaaS solution for web-based adverse event (AE) and product quality complaint (PQC) collection across the life sciences industry. Our goal is to deliver intelligent, easy to use software that supports the transformation of the end-to-end pharmacovigilance process, by delivering high quality data in a trusted manner for downstream assessment of benefit-risk and regulatory reporting. Current Use cases include Patient Support Programs, Post- approval Studies, Call Centres, Medical Reps and Direct Patient/Entry. Importantly, the product is global and is available today in multi-language versions. Reportum® is owned by MyMeds&Me.

Phone: +44 (0)20 7870 9111

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